Community Engagement

Volunteers- Wardah

The Unit promotes healthy lifestyle, the enhancement of Islamic knowledge, the strengthening of our love towards Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w, the strengthening of ukhuwwah and unity among members.

Volunteers- Suhbah

Suhbah Darussalam was formed in 2015. Going by the name of NBL at inception, it initially consisted of 14 members who were students of Nak Belajar Lagi (NBL) classes. It conducted Fardhu Ain classes and programs for members of the public aged between 18 and 45 years. In 2016, NBL changed its name to Suhbah Darussalam. Today, Suhbah has 33 members and conducts classes like NBL and Jom Pergi Belajar (JPB) as well as organizes many outdoor activities such as Mosque Hopping, Archery Tag, Speed Tag, Brisk Walking. 

This Talk is specially catered to those who are new to Darussalam Mosque and those who are keen to attend a religious class as a beginner.

Registration is done via whatsapp/sms/walk-in at the office.

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