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aLIVE Madrasah 2022 Intake

aLIVE program aims to develop soleh/solehah children who are nurtured with taqwa and good akhlak, are knowledgeable in Islam, become practicing Muslims, and show care and concern towards others. aLIVE Curriculum focuses on the core topics in Islamic Education, namely: Tauhid and Fiqh, Sirah and Islamic Civilisation, Quranic Literacy and Understanding, Akhlak and Life Skills. The program is designed to cater to the changing needs and learning abilities of students as they grow. Our teachers are qualified and are especially trained to deliver the content effectively. Through activities and lectures, teachers are able to connect the learning in class to the real lives of our students.


Kids aLIVE program provides students an introduction and exposure to the basics of Islam, especially in Aqidah, so as to anchor their belief from a young age.

Tweens aLIVE program builds on students’ existing knowledge of Islam from the Kids program. Students are guided on their understanding and performance of their responsibilities as a Muslim, so that they will be more prepared to face the challenges of pre-teen life.

Teens aLIVE program reinforces Islamic values and builds on students’ existing knowledge of Islam. It also provides a platform for students to discuss Islamic perspectives on issues like identity, entertainment, relationships and other relevant areas concerning teens.

1 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020


$30 per month


Saturday or Sunday
Session 1: 8.15am – 11.15am
Session 2: 11.20am – 2.30pm

Age Group

5 years to 8 years (Kids aLIVE)
9 years to 12 years (Tweens aLIVE)
13 years to 16 years (Teens aLIVE)

Open To



The Islamic Education Fund (IEF) offers fee subsidies for aLIVE students who are in need. The IEF scheme is based on Per Capita Income. There are 2 categories:

Needy Students Grant (NSG)

For families with a monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) of up to $500

Eligible families will receive the maximum fee subsidy of $300/child/year AND subsidy of up to 90% on miscellaneous items (books, uniforms, etc) capped at $100/child/year. 

Family Support Rebate (FSR)

For families with a monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) of $501 - $750 and with 2 or more children in Mosque Madrasah.

Eligible families will receive subsidy of 2 months school fees per child (subject to a maximum of $30/child/month) per year.

All applications are to be submitted to Darussalam Mosque before the specified closing date.

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