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Certificate in Islamic Studies & Leadership (CISL)

Certificate in Islamic Studies & Leadership (CISL) is a new initiative by Masjid Darussalam for youths and students who are currently at their tertiary education. This program aims to inculcate and instill the values of Islam and empower them to become ambassadors of the Islam. 

What’s in the program?
Students of CISL will attend 7 modules that will be taught by ARS Certified Asatizah.  The students will also be required to attend several topical workshops that will discuss on issues and concepts that are important and current. They will also be exposed to leadership skills and activities to enhance their confidence and resilience.

Entry Requirements

  • Youths & Students ages 17 to 25 years old
  • Have attended Teens 4 aLIVE
  • Or have completed Remaja Nak Belajar Balik (Menengah) by Masjid Darussalam
  • Or any other equivalent formal part-time madrasah

Registration Fees: $10
Monthly Fees: $40 per month (include books/notes)


Friday: 8.00 PM

Age Group

17 years old and above

Open To

Muslimin & Muslimah

For more information, please refer to the posters or contact the respective mosque.

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