Tertiary Services

Born of the humble initiatives of the early Clementi Jemaah, Darussalam Mosque has been serving Clementi residents for almost 30 years. It has served not only as a place of warship but also as a centre for the propagation of knowledge, socio-religious programs, healthy youth activism and many more. Darussalam Mosque is in a unique position to extend its support for Singapore’s continual strive for knowledge-acquisition through these initiatives.

Note: All tertiary groups should be registered with the Singapore Registrar of Society or the institutions to which the tertiary groups are affiliated.

1. Tertiary Grant

Pre Grant Application

Ensure the proposal includes all program details and forecasted budget

Grant Criteria

  • Develop tertiary leaders’ capacity
  • Develop tertiary members’ capacity
  • Creative dakwah initiatives for students-at-large


The approval of the grant is solely at the discretion of Darussalam Mosque

Post-grant disbursement

No bond is imposed between Darussalam Mosque and the tertiary institution or group after the grant disbursement. However, we will need the tertiary representative to fill up a post-event report. This is to ensure that the disbursed grant is sufficiently and properly accounted for.

2. Usage of Mosque Premises

Darussalam Mosque allows the use of the following premises by tertiary institutions on a pro-bono basis:

-Auditorium, classes, overnight purposes

(Note: usage is based on availability and request must be made 1 week in advance)

3. Fundraising Booth

Tertiary institutions may endeavor to develop committee members of tertiary groups by requiring them to be creative and independent in seeking funds for their projects. In support, Darussalam Mosque welcomes fundraising requests from tertiary institutions for donation collections during the Friday prayer period.

Representatives can fill up an online form: https://tinyurl.com/dsboothrequest

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